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Fateh Singh

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„Don't search for anything.
Just find your happy self within you.“







Fateh Singh



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Tel.: +49 177 468 9797
Email: fateh (at) yoga-rahlstedt.de
Webseite: www.fateh-singh.com



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  • Sat Nam Rasayan. Workshops und trainings. www.sat-nam-rasayan.eu
  • Breathwalk (Yoga-Walking). Workshops und training for BW-Instructors. www.breathwalk.de
  • Yoga numerology inspired by Yogi Bhajan. Workshops, training, readings.
  • Gong Meditations, classes.
  • Kundalini Yoga for specific topics
  • Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan Retreats and travel www.yoga-rahlstedt.de/reise

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Sat Nam Rasayan - healing and meditation:

Breathwalk Yoga Walking (instructor training):

Online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Wednesday night 19:30h - 21h. Regster here: yoga@yoga-rahlstedt.de


Personal numerology reading

Your talents and challenges explained. This personal talk touches your soul and goes way beyond the text blocks of automated readings.


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Fateh Singh is an inspiring teacher of Kundalini Yoga, a Sat Nam
Rasayan® instructor and natural path healer and psychologist.


He has extensive knowledge about many aspects of Yoga and shares this ancient wisdom in a very practical way. Come and enjoy his unique talent to make these sacred teachings applicable to our modern life.

His intensive personal meditation practice and his deep understanding of Numerology and the healing art Sat Nam Rasayan® shape his authentic Yoga classes. With his humorous way he knows how to deliver a clear experience also about complex topics.

Fateh Singh's experience of meeting Yogi Bhajan in 1991 was very powerful and life-changing. Through many years of connection and involvement with Kundalini Yoga he developed aspects of this practice, such as chanting, playing the gong, running a business, family life, selfless service
and philosophy.


Being a trainer for the meditative healing art Sat Nam Rasayan®, Breathwalk® and Yoga-Numerology he offers introductory workshops, trainings and advanced classes
worldwide. He supports people with private healing sessions and numerology coaching.

YOGA is a tool that can help us to deal with the changes and challenges life keeps bringing to us. It is a way to
encourage and inspire each other to seek out the highest expression of ourselves. It is the art to enjoy life.


Besides being a Yoga teacher, trainer and healer, he is an expert for Ayurvedic
herbs and a founding member of the company HARI TEA.



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